Hi, I’m Chris Manion

Welcome to this space where Love abides with God’s good grace. Where peace prevails. Where Spirit sails. Where kindness lives and hearts forgive. Where gifts of leadership collect to shine God’s light with great respect.


Multi-Award-Winning Christian author and poet.


When you need an inspirational professional with an inspiring message.


Marion Roach Smith, author of The Memoir Project

“Chris Manion has created a handbook, in the form of a

memoir, on how to let the beauty of life be a feast for the soul.

Through trial and triumph, she carefully examines the

potential in each moment, and each time breaks through to

something significant, instructive and graceful. It is a joy to


This may not be what we expect from a corporate superstar,

but it is what we get from her generosity of spirit, the result

of which is real insight into living life in the light.”

Who is This Website For?

O tender-hearted one, O seeker of love and peace in this upside-down world, I asked for wisdom in prayer one year and surprise! God granted my request. Wonder with me about God’s ways and light, about the right thing to do, how grace and wisdom seem missing right now but maybe we just need a new way to see. Whether you’re a fierce prayer warrior or protective mama, I welcome your weary bones, fears, and needs for encouragement in this place where we remember—no matter what we’re going through—we’re all part of Christ’s Body and affect one another in deep and unrealized ways. And one day, we’ll be home together where glory and peace leap and bow low with the saints and the angels in the light of God’s beautiful face.

Award Winning Author

About Me

I’m the oldest of six children raised in the Midwest by a professor and electrical engineer and his Irish strawberry-blond bride.

I’ve been married for over forty-five years to the love of my life who balances me with amazing love through the grace of God. Our family includes two adult children and their wonderful spouses and five beautiful grandchildren.

Catholic liturgies with their rich signs, symbols and apostolic history provide a deep source of nourishment, mystery, and strength for me, but I write for all God’s people. I hope to inspire and support you on your faith journey as God guides you to Himself.

Reach out to me if I can serve you or pray for you in any way. I love to pray for others.


“A big WOW! So many people came to me after your talk to say how you touched their hearts! You are an amazing speaker!”

Dolores Purka, Council of Catholic Women

“A truly talented writer with metaphoric aptitude….a grasp of the language that hails her as a literary talent.”

Award winning author, editor Suzanne Kingsbury

“You have struck me so deeply that tears run down my face. You have a spiritual power to help those who are hurting.”

Lisa Miller, Orange CT

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The Light We Cannot See


“Not everything is as it first appears.”

When a toy store turns out its lights and closes for the day, something special happens inside. Angels open all the toys, then guide children from heaven to play through the night in a light adults cannot see.The Light We Cannot See

I asked my talented illustrator, Jack Foster, to hide a little bird on each page because my grandchildren love finding hidden pictures. Jack chose to draw a dove, a Biblical symbol of the Holy Spirit, and he hid him well. I had to ask some children’s help to find him on a few pages.  By searching for the dove on each page, readers and children alike are reminded that God is hidden on every page of our lives and delights to be found.

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