Yes, push! Dad said until the end.
His strong will urged, “Write on, my friend,
to souls who need encouragement
to trust in God, to give consent.
“They wait a word or two or more
to mend their hearts then to adore
the One their soul is longing for.
Oh, hold not back! Write on! Explore!
“Be not afraid to write your truth.
 Stand strong like poor Naomi’s Ruth.
Strip off your pride. Step on your fear.
Your time to write is now, is here.
“Don’t you hold back, just let her rip.
Dry souls all need a quenching dip
into the Word that you have heard.
Tell them it’s love. Don’t feel absurd
“To speak of the one, only thing
that springs from trust so peace can ring
that softest bell within all hearts
that souls know well ne’er departs.
“It’s love above, below, beyond.
No need for some old magic wand
to dispel the darkness in your night:
It’s love, sweet love, God’s subtle might.
“That’s what you know so write it well.
It is the truth that makes hearts swell
in knowledge from antiquity
of undivided unity.
“Your words are strong, your words are clear.
They sing along as God draws near.
 They give us freedom, finally

 to melt into eternity.”.