Writers need a book launch team because quite frankly, we’d rather hide.

In the middle ages, trumpeters would precede a King’s entrance. Kings hate to be unnoticed, although a few shy kings have graced our world over the centuries.

Writers are like medieval kings. We hate when our books go unnoticed. Like kings of yesteryear, we are not likely to go about announcing a book’s arrival. Most of us hope someone heralds the book for us. That’s something that happened in yesteryear.

A New Publishing Reality

A new publishing reality is upon us. We need trumpeters, a.k.a. Book Launch Teams—also called Street Teams—to herald a book’s arrival. A street team member is an ambassador for a music group, author, or brand who recommends, promotes, or simply passes out flyers and bookmarks.

The trumpeters riding with the King blow as hard as they can into their horns. The gatekeepers and town watchmen hear the sound and pass the word. Every town had a system for getting the word out. 

Every town also had plenty of folks who loved an excuse to show off what they knew, who had a special love for socializing—any excuse at all was fine—and they would scurry to the outskirts folk who wouldn’t hear the horn or who may be a little deaf. Everybody deserves to see and take part in a royal visit.

Every author needs a book launch team or street team of folks who love to have the inside scoop on a new book, who have a special love for sharing good news. Readers appreciate a new, enjoyable read. Writers understand how much effort goes into writing a book. So readers and writers often make up the bulk of an author’s Street Team. And a few good friends.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a Street Team to introduce a new book today. Social media makes it a breath-above-effortless to scurry to the folks in their circle of influence and let them know the good news of a book’s imminent arrival.

Announcing a Children’s Picture Book

The Light We Cannot See is my latest book to be released in October, a children’s picture book for lovers of angels and little ones. I’d love for you to join my Street Team and trumpet the news of this special story dedicated to all those who have a little one in heaven they love and miss.

Book Launch Team Perks:

  • Advance copy
  • Free books!
  • Chocolate prizes
  • Knowing you made a difference in building literacy in the world
  • Prize drawings

Street Team Member Requirements

  • Write one sentence about the book. Post it where books are sold.
  • Tell a few friends about it. Parents, godparents, grandparents, pre-school teachers.
  • Brownie points if you ask your library or school to order it


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