On down days, hormonal days, low bio rhythm days, days of doubt, I like to think about Helen Keller. I am perpetually amazed at her rise from inner darkness and sense of abandonment and isolation… to a renowned international public speaker. A public speaker! When she couldn’t see a thing, she learned to read. Despite deafness, she learned to make sounds that eventually became words that others could understand. She would travel to places she would never “see” and speak to huge audiences completely unknown to her, unseen before her, speaking words she could not hear and trusting they’d understand. She would feel their applause with her feet from the vibrations.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows. -Helen Keller.
(How did she even know about shadows?)

My mother’s birth into eternal life occurred 6 years ago and I am forever grateful for the influence she continues to have on me from the little inspirational quotes she’d hang on plaques throughout our homes growing up. One of my favorites that I still have to this day…

If you cry because of losing the sun, your tears will not allow you to see the stars. -Tagore