I am most grateful for answered prayer.

Years ago, I prayed that God would use me in any way He saw fit.  After molding and shaping me, the Potter finally had a vessel He could fill and pour out.  I’m still pretty leaky, but I am learning to tip myself over and pour myself out like the Little Teapot when the Holy Spirit gives me a nudge to do so.

One recent morning as I was reading my morning devotional, (Diary of St. Faustina: Divine Mercy In My Soul), I had the distinct impression that the passage I just completed should be shared with a particular friend.  I did not have this friend on my mind.  Her name was simply pressed upon my consciousness in reference to the last passage.  I tried to move ahead, yet this pressing of her name and that passage continued.

Since the Potter takes His time shaping his works, I knew from past experience this pressing upon my consciousness was His touch.  I therefore wrote her name in the book at that passage to mark it, and finished my reading.  I moved to the next book I needed to read that morning. A deadline within the hour was fast approaching to initiate my weekly Book Club discussion.  As I began the reading assignment, I was aware that I had not acted on the Spirit’s urging to share that one passage with my friend.  I found no solace in rationalizing that I didn’t have the time at the moment.  So in my usual reluctant obedience, I placed the call.  Thankfully, she did not answer and I was able to complete my reading in time.

When she returned the call later that day, I read her the passage.  In tears, she acknowledged she’d been shut down to God, to the Church, even questioning her conversion, and that I was the only one at the moment she was letting “in.”

“See how God is responding to you?” I reassured her.  How very special she must be to Him and how easily He knew how to reach her through the vessel He crafted with His own hands for that very purpose.

Sometimes, it is very lovely being used.