Twenty-five things about me few know.

  1. twenty fiveI shook a man’s hand once when I was in eighth grade. He landed on the sidewalk after a forward flip. I have no idea how I did that.
  2. Root beer floats and M&Ms sustained me through adolescence.
  3. NFL quarterback and coach Zeke Bratkowski (Packers, Rams, Bears) and I love to walk in the rain.
  4. My grandson Isaac, inherited my cold feet.
  5. The scariest thing I ever did physically was cross a log forty feet in the air tethered to a safety harness at Miraval Spa in Tucson.
  6. The scariest thing I ever did spiritually is described in Chapter 10 in God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul.
  7. I’ve known and loved one friend for fifty years even though we’ve only seen each other twice since we were thirteen.
  8. After forty years of marriage, my husband still thanks me.
  9. It took me forty years to find one of my high school soul mates and when I found her, (after I reminded her who I was) we picked up right where we left off.
  10. I don’t own a gun but I love skeet shooting.
  11. My eyebrows wiggle independently to the beat of a song.
  12. I used to be a cheap date until I discovered good wine.
  13. Others say I have a lovely singing voice; it sounds terrible to my ears.
  14. I can never get enough of cathedrals or museums.
  15. In Embraced by the Light, Betty Eadie wrote that flowers in heaven emit music and I believe her.2016-07-17 06.26.13
  16. Maximum number of pushups I’ve completed (from the knees) in an hour: 400
  17. Twenty-five was the ideal age my parents wanted me to wait to get married so I could “see the world and travel” before settling down. I married at age twenty-two.
  18. I was a licensed realtor for a few years. I sold one house.
  19. I’ve had over twenty stitches in four places on my body.
  20. I’ve broken two bones.
  21. Dye has never touched my hair.
  22. My children used to sit on the other side of a movie theater because they were embarrassed by my honky laugh.
  23. Neighbor children teepeed our house in River Forest, Illinois to show they loved us. Then they cleaned it up the next day.
  24. I bounce between courage and fear of doing the wrong thing.
  25. I’ve seen an angel.