Does your heart have trouble praying sometimes?

My heart does, usually when I’m weary or carrying heavy burdens from the day. When that happens, try these simple steps.

  1. Move your awareness from your head to your heart.

  2. Feel what’s there. Say whatever you need to say to God to get things off your mind.

  3. Be brief. God knows everything already. He doesn’t need us to remind Him.

  4. Imagine your favorite kind of door before your heart.

  5. Open it slowly. Take your time.

  6. Sit still. Pay attention. Let all noise and body aches or twitches be signs of God’s life all around you. They do not bother you.

  7. Give God permission to be with you.

Perhaps you see Him in the distance with His arms open wide to you. Go to Him.

Perhaps you feel Him beside you. Rest in His lap. Lean into His shoulder.

I give you my heart

All I ever wanted


Words melt away. This prayer is natural. You don’t have to do anything.

There’s no agenda. No words. Sense how He knows what you need. Trust His gentleness.

Come back to me with all your heart.

Let God carry you for a while, stroke your hair, soothe your wounded places.


That’s prayer. That’s good. That’s enough.

“My grace is sufficient for you.” 2 Cor. 12:9

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