A Thanksgiving prayer is standard in our house on Thanksgiving day. Like many families, when the food is on the table and we’re all gathered around, and before we dive in, everyone is asked to say at least one thing for which they’re thankful. It’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving Day after the food.

No matter what we prepare for food for Thanksgiving Day—and let’s face it, not everyone likes turkey—when we spend so much time cutting, stuffing, buttering, patting, baking, stirring, grilling, or ordering out, it’s always a good idea to ask for divine assistance.

Here’s a classic Thanksgiving Prayer. I do not know who composed it. Consider printing it on small cards or placesettings for everyone to read together. It’s fun and lighthearted.

Dear Lord,

May our stuffing be tasty

May our turkey be plump,

May our potatoes and gravy

Have never a lump.

May our yams be delicious

And our pies take the prize,

And may our Thanksgiving dinner

Stay off our thighs!


A Catholic Christian Thanksgiving Prayer

We bow our heads to you and pray

On this our nation’s Thanksgiving Day.

We give you thanks for all you’ve done

‘Specially for Jesus, Your Son

For all the beauty that we see

In nature, friends, and family

Your mercy and Your tender care

We hardly notice that they’re there.

Today we offer you our praise

We promise to follow you all our days.

Here’s another.

Thanksgiving photo

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!