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Spiritual Goal Setting

Learn three mistakes to avoid when setting goals + six savvy rules for satisfying your soul.


How can we learn to like difficult people? Is that even possible?

Spiritual Lessons

The lessons from life and gardens show up over and over again.


How to become a Servant Leader

Helping You Find Success

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

My Vision

“I’m plagued by doubts, but when the Holy Spirit nudges, I listen and obey. How awesome it is to be used by Him!” Chris Manion teaches the lessons God’s passed along to her. Always fresh. Always authentic. Always positive.

I almost fell to my knees after delivering  THIS  speech. My mother had died three months earlier. How could I express in six minutes  what took sixteen years to achieve? Thousands stood before me. I knew the value of this teaching moment. Drawing on energy reserves that seemed to come from my toes, lessons I learned about crabby people and how God showed me where my attitude had to change, moved the audience to a standing ovation. My knees buckled as I walked off the stage. I felt completely spent and at peace that I’d given all I had.

Many tears wet the faces of those in the reception line afterward. God’s grace poured out that day.  The presence of the Lord flowed among us. That is my prayer for all speaking engagements: that we fulfill Jesus’ deep prayer to His Father that we all be one. It starts with open minds and open hearts. Great stories help us do so.

The parable of the talents velcroed itself to me for more than thirty years. To use all the talents God’s given me to the best of my ability gives me joy. Sharing lessons from my stories is what I’m called to do with and through Jesus and His Father and Holy Spirit. Book a new, fresh story for your group, church, or organization today. We must share our stories. Jesus set the example to follow.

I want the world to feel His love.


Chris Manion Speaking

For more topics or to book Chris for an upcoming event, contact Chris at GodsPatientPursuit@gmail.com or 850-573-3091.

God Woos Us

Think back to your teen years and how awkward it felt to pursue someone you were interested in , or be pursued. The Bible is full of stories of how God pursued His people, but do you know the history of God’s pursuit of You?

Perk Up Your Prayer Life

Has your prayer life dried up lately? Are you bored with how you pray? Do you wonder if you’ll ever hear God speak to you? In this talk, we explore ancient methods of praying that offer new pathways into intimacy with God. Your group will experience a way to know how God answers personal prayers. Event Planners: I provide a list of prayer tools for your group from which you can customize to your group’s interests.

This talk fits well into a retreat weekend and Conference Workshops.

Spiritual Lessons from Writing a Book

I almost tripped over myself a hundred times in writing my book. The lessons life hands you show up over and over again, don’t they? Lessons get repeated until we learn them. When it’s just you and your book, there’s nowhere else to point blame or find solutions. The life lessons and the stories behind them from my book include:

  • It’s all about me, isn’t it?
  • How the prison chapter became part of the book and my Christian (?) reaction.
  • Devilish obstacles to doing God’s work.
  • Cramming too much in. More is better, right?
  • I’m not qualified to do this: The old excuse that never worked for prophets or saints.
Dealing with Difficult People

How do we create interior compassion for the undeserving? How can we learn to like difficult people? Is that even possible? In this presentation, you will discover how to sneak compassion, tolerance, and mercy into your heart when your button gets pushed. Audiences will learn how to use “What if…” scenarios and intercessory prayer to avoid unprofessional or unkind responses to difficult people. Bonus: A practice session in using the Welcoming Prayer teaches audiences how to disarm your emotional control centers.

What the Voice of God Sounds Like

Everyone wants to know if God is speaking to them. Audiences will learn from Chris’ stories how God speaks in different ways and how to discern who’s voice they’re listening to.

Discerning God's Voice

How do you know whose voice you’re listening to when you excel at rationalizing? Learn three spiritual discernment steps, the power of trust in the discernment process, and the two questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to please God. 

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