I’m not Italian but I love how they cook, I love to eat in Italy, (what’s not to like about pasta and gravy?),and I’ve got a wonderful Italian son-in-law.

My friend Cathy Russo goes a little further and has just published her cookbook of Italian recipes from her family for over 75 years.

“Have you ever wondered ‘So, What Do I Keep in my Pantry?’ If so, you’ll find the answer in my cookbook along with helpful Tips and Hints. Did you know that when baking pasta, if you reduce the time you boil the pasta by half, it will finish cooking in the oven and you won’t be stuck with mushy pasta?

“One night you may choose Steak Pizzaiola served with Rice Balls and Broccolini with Ginger. Another night you may want Fried Pork Cutlets served with Grandma’s Veggies and Orzo with Garlic & Spinach. If you prefer chicken try Grandma’s Chicken with Peas & Rice served with Ciambotta.”

Check out more of the recipes you can find in her book at her website, www.cathylrusso.com
Get ready to smack your lips and catch your drool!