Prayer, like love, needs no words. Exquisite moments occur, silver quick and piercing, when lovers’ eyes exchange. Or hearts open. Wordless flashes with laser beam intensity. Long after the flash, reverberations resonate, replayed deep within the mind and heart and spirit.

Something Deep

No words are needed. There are no words for certain moments. And yet, something deep within human nature presses for expression. What is that energy that relentlessly whirls and pushes and cries out for release? A tea kettle must whistle, or it will blow its lid. Food overheated in a microwave spits itself out in reaction to the intensity of over-excited molecular agitation. When creative energy rises, it rushes to the surface like air in water.

Is love the source of creative energy?

Some race, some wage war, some paint, some sing, some build, some destroy, some drink, some dance, some text, some tweet. Human nature at its core is driven to express itself. The very nature of the Creator of the universe continuously shares Herself with all of creation. Is love the source of all creative energy? I think so. When stimulated, the essence of love expands. The more we open our heart, the lighter the touch necessary to trigger the reaction, the easier the Creator of the universe can share within us instead of all around us.

We can grant God access to our pain without words

The effort to endure the pain and conflict in life purifies our hearts. In each such moment, we can grant God access to excavate the hardness of our hearts and fill them with Her/His light. We often do, in desperate prayers such as, “God help me!” Our hearts become like Morning Glories, opening obediently, happily and lovingly to the daily dawning of the Light of the World within us.