Oh my God, I stand before your majesty in awe and wonder as you swirl the colors of this day’s sunrise before me on the clouds. How softly you kiss them, as if to say to anyone watching, “Come! I have kisses for you, too!”

Effortless and constant are your creative powers. They still my soul into silent admiration and bliss. I cannot imagine life with you once freed from the confines of this human body, but my soul senses the ecstasy and peace in wispy, wavy moments like this one as I stand before the waters of the sea and the transmuting colors of your sky. Teach me to read better your messages each day. Sharpen my powers of observation and understanding so my heart hears and learns Your pace, Your messages, Your directives.

I am so obtuse, my spiritual senses so dull. I want to be led by You and I feel like Helen Keller, deaf, dumb, and blind to all You dangle before me to entertain, please, direct, and console me. I do feel You though, my wonderful Counselor. I feel Your soft, warm caress in this morning’s breeze off the Bay causing me to lift my face to You. I do hear You in an inner voice that eggs me on when my body wearies under the day’s burdens. How long will it take for us to evolve as Your people until we see You in each other’s eyes, until we hear You in each other’s voices, until we forgive each other for the actions we take when we have tuned You out and refused to listen to Your Word, Your guidance, Your truth?

 This could be heaven right here, right now, like the Star Trek episode where all the planet’s people walked around in blissful agape love for one another… You are so patient, Your love endlessly enduring while we, this current generation, move like all the others through our life cycles, with our scientists listening in deep space for anything far less satisfying or stimulating than exists in the very center of their being; with our poor still being ignored and devalued ( let’s put us women in that category, too); our leaders not knowing which advisors to listen to and heed as they evict the Evil One who has tricked others into compromising their connection and power with You, leaving your mansion to live in his slums. This could be heaven right now.

 I think I understand why the mullets jump. We see them only for a moment out of the water. The really entertaining ones, the ones that capture our attention, jump three, four, five times in a row like a skipping stone. We humans are to emulate the ways of Your creation. We must jump out of our comfort zones every once in a while and make our voices heard, or poems read; our music played, or art displayed; our theorems understood or strength displayed to do our part to bring us all together, one nation under You with liberty and love and justice for all.