Oh my gosh, I must be really out of it. I looked out the window here in Michigan.
“Oh, look! It’s raining,” I said.
My daughter and son-in-law look out at the view.
“No, that’s not rain, Mom,” my daughter responded.
“Oh, is it the stuff from the trees?” I quickly corrected myself, looking at the forest that abuts their property.
“Noooo, Mom. That’s snow. Do you remember snow?” she asked teasingly.
I am so not ready to be looking out the window and seeing snow falling.
It’s over now. Thank goodness.
The chilly temps of this Michigan day converted the clouds’ weeping to a new form of water.  The inverse seems to happen  in our prayer times when we lift the heaviness in our hearts to God who draws it into the heavenly warmth of His loving thermals and dissipates it into wispy clouds of lightness and relief. We don’t know why we feel lighter afterwards. Or perhaps we simply don’t remember what snow is.