Sometimes you find the most amazing things at the grocery store by trying something different. I was curious about all the sauces standing so prettily on the shelf one day and picked a Molasses Horseradish on an impulse buy. It’s wonderful on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise, or half and half!

Today after a good 90 minute workout of doubles and singles tennis, and a good hot shower, I sliced open a sesame seed covered loaf of french bread and made a satisfying turkey & swiss sandwich with lettuce and sweet pickle. I forgot to toss in the flax meal so I’ll have to sprinkle it in the veggie soup my friend Ginnie made for me, or on the sushi I’ve got waiting for my Friday appetizer.

Gonna be a good weekend. Rain on Saturday means a long, luxurious snuggle in bed tomorrow with an amazing book I’m reading: Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now.