Chris Manion


Helping You Live in God’s Light

Hi, I’m Chris. Welcome to this space Where Love abides with God’s good grace. Where peace prevails and Spirit sails. Where kindness lives and hearts forgive. Or at least try to.

My Story

The darker the world gets, the more important the light feels. I want to be full of it—His light and love, that is.

Here’s a longer, more official sounding version, suitable to copy and paste:

Pittsburgh native Chris Manion is a multi-award-winning author, editor, and speaker. Chris was raised in an active Christian Catholic household that supported missionaries and valued acts of service. For thirty years, she wrote business newsletters, inspirational speeches, and published poems. Her writing occurred mostly between 4 – 6 a.m. while she raised two children. Her memoir God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul earned two Catholic Press awards in 2018. Chris’ children’s book, The Light We Cannot See is also a multi-award winner. She serves her parish as a lector, choir member, and communion minister to the sick and homebound. Chris lives in Destin, Florida with her beloved husband.

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Writing Wise…

Cooking, baking, and gardening bring me great joy—but I rarely write about these. I write to figure things out and tell stories to children of all ages to help them understand some tough times may come their way. Secretly, I’m writing a 15th century Italian historical novel about the wife of St. John Capistrano, but shhhh! It’s not done yet.


Six of us grew up in the Midwest taught by the excellent examples and strong faith of an intelligent, ambitious professor/electrical engineer and his smart Irish strawberry-blond bride. Four boys. Two girls. And a little one who made it to heaven before the rest of us. I was the firstborn.

I’ve been married for over four decades to the love of my life. I don’t know what he sees in me or how he puts up with my craziness, but I love the man. Deeply. We’re best friends. Our family includes two adult children, their wonderful spouses and five beautiful grandchildren.


I bring Holy Communion to the homebound and sick in my parish and love Catholic liturgies with their rich signs, symbols, and apostolic history. They provide a deep source of nourishment, mystery, and strength for me. I write for all God’s people. Click here for more.

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