We all have sacred, lonely moments when we yearn to be loved and wrapped in arms of protection and comfort. We long for the one person, or group of people who soothe our souls, who accept us for who we are, who desire to see us as much as we do them. Just as we use different prayer practices to reach out/in to God, He often uses lonely moments to encourage a connection to us. Our souls know instinctively these little invitations to God’s love because we feel the yearning – His touch on our soul – even when our heads or hearts do not recognize Who initiates it. Like the hairs on our arms that stand up in the presence of static electricity, souls leap to attention the moment they hear God’s whisper. It is inaudible to our earthly ears much as a dog whistle, yet the response is always one of instant alertness to something. We often look around, not recognizing what we “heard.” We ask others like Samuel asked Eli and none can answer us. If we stay attuned to these moments, however, we learn to recognize Him as a child learns its mother’s voice.

excerpt from my unpublished memoir Hook, Line and Sink Her.