A listicle sounds delicious to me, like a popsicle. I love discovering new words!

Contemporary culture gave birth to the word listicle. Apparently not only do we spend too much time in front of our cellphones, tablets, and laptop screens, but we are also evolving as a society to the point we prefer a list over a few paragraphs.

A listicle is:

  • a literary popsicle
  • bait for your tired mind
  • a news appetizer
  • a reading snack

  • a portmanteau of list and article
  • an attention grabber
  • a textual strip tease
  • bait for distracted readers
  • procrastinator’s candy
  • a source for new vocabulary (are you looking up portmanteau yet? It’s a literary device in which two or more words are joined. You’re welcome.)
  • respite from conventional articles
  • respite from verbs
  • a fluent flowing flight of fancy
  • respite from paragraphs
  • a tasty morsel for our eight seconds of attention span
  • easy to process
  • shareable content
  • shared 70% more often than the average article
  • the most often shared type of blog post (per Fracti and Buzzstream)
  • something that engages readers
  • a relative of literary royalty. Shakespeare coined the term “list” in Hamlet
  • a trend of past, present, and future.
  • 2014 was the Year of Listicles  according to Ad Age Magazine

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Frankly, I like lists, but I prefer paragraphs. I like to understand and learn and some lists, maybe even most lists, usually need some explanation.

Here’s one that might stand on its own. You tell me.

Why My Faith is Strong

  1. My faith comes from God.

  2. God doesn’t change.

  3. God keeps His Word. He is faithful.

  4. He has proven His love through the unimaginable sacrifice of His Son.

  5. His love is infinite, boundless, all-encompassing, sweetly tender like the nectar of honeysuckle.

  6. He asks me to trust Him and gives me the courage to do so.

  7. He knows more than me.

  8. His mercy is beyond measure.

  9. He consoles and teaches me constantly.

  10. He answers my prayers.