Among my collection envelopes for my parish, there is a Burse Club envelope that I have ignored, mostly because I was unfamiliar with the term.  When I googled Burse Club, I found the following prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, eternal high priest, manifest in our local Church the Spirit whom you also abundantly bestowed on your apostles. Call many young men from our parishes for service as priests. May zeal for your glory and for the salvation of souls inflame those you have chosen. May they be holy men who will be strengthened by your Spirit. May they be priests according to your heart. Amen

As I read this, I felt the last three sentences (sans “men”) applied to all of us.  I pray it for all.  May you and I act as lay priests to one another, being Christ for one another, encouraging and comforting one another, giving one another peace. 

Peace I leave you. 

May we all bring more peace into the new year 2012.