Some people call it intuition. Granted, we all have that to a greater or lesser degree. Have you ever wondered though, if something else was at work when you had a particular thought? As if some part of you was responding to … something or Someone?

Do you have an itch to know if your hunch is just a hunch or perhaps, just perhaps, could it be a nudge from God? How do you tell the difference?  You might want to have a listen to this podcast from The Doug Dahlgren Show on Artist First Radio to hear how I answered this and other interesting questions about growing up and what I believe and why I know there’s a heaven.

A few excerpts:

CM: “That’s why ‘patient’ got into the title… He slowly taught me this very personal job of writing about something He wants all of us to have: a relationship with Him, a good friendship with Him.”

DD: “Religion’s a very personal issue with many folks. Do you feel your book is based upon your Catholic upbringing and the beliefs that come from that or is it really open to other religions or people who have, or believe they have, a more direct relationship with God?”

CM: “I tried to stay as far away from my Catholic faith as I possibly could … Who am I to say how God draws us to Himself?”

Direct Sales

I loved the following question from Doug. It allowed me to share an insight that direct sales gave me about what a tough time God has with us sometimes.

DD: “Direct sales offers quite a number of perks that other businesses don’t. You make your own schedule … how did that affect you in the way that you saw your responsibilities?”


Ordinary Moments

“You don’t know how many times I wanted to cut out the story about the butterfly. I didn’t think anybody would believe it.”


Butterfly in the garden

God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul

book that will change livesClick HERE to learn more about the book discussed in this podcast. Nicki Keohohou, CEO and co-founder of the Direct Selling World Alliance (DSWA) recommends this book “to all direct sellers.”