The rich have an amazing and admirable habit that does not involve money, according to Ken Rutkowski’s Facebook page.

They read. A lot.

Do you know what the majority of them read?Non-fiction. The rich read to learn.  They rarely read for entertainment. They know they’ll never live long enough to learn from all the mistakes they can possibly make. So they learn from others, by reading biographies to learn others’ life stories and lessons. They read history books. They read self-help books. They read about topics that intrigue them. In short, they value learning.

I read so I can learn from other people’s mistakes. Click here to read more about what others have learned from my spiritual reading. Or here God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul.

Wealthy People’s Habits
Interviewing 233 wealthy individuals (177 of whom were self-made millionaires) with at least $160,000 in annual gross income and $3.2 million in net assets.

According to my research on the wealthy:

* 85% read two or more books a month for education and learning purposes

* 63% listened to educational audio books during their commute to work

* 88% read 30 minutes or more each day for purposes of education and learning

* 58% read biographies of famous successful people

* 51% read history books

* 55% read self-help books

* Only 11% of the rich read for entertainment purposes. Billionaires like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg devote many hours a day to reading for the purpose of learning.

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In short, the rich deserve to be rich because they put in the work that success requires. And part of that work is reading to learn. If you only read for entertainment, you are one of the 99%. If you read to learn, you are doing what the top 1% do.  Click here to read about God answering prayers,  miracles, or work.