An Epiphany meditation based on a sermon I heard at Mass on the feast of the Epiphany.

When we read Scripture, we should ask ourselves what is it saying to me? How does it pertain to me?

In today’s Epiphany readings (Mt. 2:1-12), the wise men know how to read the sign of the times. We call that discernment of the Spirit. How am I discerning the Spirit today? Do I ask God to bring clarity to my thoughts about what I’ve just read in Scripture? Jesus promised us His Spirit would come to bring us understanding.

The Magi followed a guiding star. What’s my guiding star that guides my words, deeds, and thoughts? Am I allowing my past, or God, in order to guide my future?

Does Scripture disturb you?

We see Jerusalem disturbed in Matthew 2:1-12. Does Scripture disturbed me? Should I allow it to?

The Magi sought counsel. Who do I seek counsel from? Do I seek Scripture to guide me?

A Different Kind of King

The Magi arrive in Bethlehem to see a king. They go to the palace but he’s not there. This is a different kind of king. God’s answer to our misery and sin is a Child. God allows a Child to be born. The most powerful Being itself becomes a Child. Do I believe this? Do I see how incredible this is? God, who cannot be contained, gives Himself to us in a Babe. Do I believe?

They give him gifts then leave. Where do I leave God? What do I hope to see at the end of my journey? What do I have to offer Him? What do I really want to give Him as a gift? What is my treasure to offer?

Warned by a dream, the Magi went home a different way. What needs to be changed in my life? What do I need to do or think differently to draw closer to God? Do I pay attention to my dreams? Does God speak to me there?

Take Advantage of the Eucharist

Epiphany Scripture Magi Guiding star.

Jesus becomes present in little pieces of bread for you and me at Mass. The Eucharist is an earth-shattering event. Christ in the host is mind boggling. Take advantage of it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this meditation. Credit goes to Father Wafik Nasri whose sermon stimulated me into taking notes that produced this piece. Take a moment to write your thoughts to one of these questions in your journal. Open your heart to the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Note that any doubts you have may be the evil one trying to discourage you from drawing closer to Jesus