On Facebok this morning, a friend posted:  

The sun is shining, the kids are healthy & happy, and I love my husband. Does it get any better?

I wanted to say no, as someone else did.  Instead, the following poured out from my spirit:

Yes, there is SO much more.  Look around at all that you have, all possibilities, all that is present, all that God has made for you this day.  There is gratefulness; peace – both inner and world-wide we help create through actions and mindfulness; eyes that see the yellow finch and blue jay, sparkly quartz in granite, and squirrels scampering in the woods; ears that hear the baby’s cooing, the birds chirping, the shallow breathing of those transitioning from this life to their heavenly reward, and symphonies that play composers’ works so exquisitely that tears well from a filled heart; the touch on your fingers of the velvety feel of lambs ear leaves, worn teddy bears, and soft cheeks of young men about to grow their first whiskers… There’s friends strong enough to speak truth to you, and hands willing to lovingly hold yours, and a God Whose love is so tender, merciful, and unconditional that your legs cannot hold you up in His presence.