Dismissed Too Soon

I am so sorry they are ignoring you.
It is Monday, December 27th and
The world seems to be done with you too soon.

The new year starts on Saturday.
Some of us won’t make it to then.
There are four whole days left of you.

Yet Happy New Year they’ve said three times today.
Have they lost track of time so soon?
Perhaps they’re still drunk from the Christmas moon?

Merry Christmas I said today to Pa on the phone
Finally connecting after visits and travel.
Happy New Year! he replied too soon, too soon.

The docs told Dad he had six-to-nine months.
He lived 10 years and I loved every minute.
Four days can be an eternity… too soon.

I’m still with you, 2010 and I’ll stay ‘til you’re ready to go.
We’ve got four days together.
Give me everything you’ve got.