It’s true. It was all dark and roots poked at me everywhere and I couldn’t move, at least I didn’t think I could, and then one day something started pushing out of me. It was a strange feeling but it had a purpose and an energy that sought release, sought the light, and here I am to tell of it in glorious sunshine reaching taller, taller, every day as though I were still a child growing in bed at night.


I’m not afraid of the dark. I was born in it. So was my writing. It seeks the light. All souls do. 

2016-02-14 19.11.41

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 NIV

Let your writing out and I’ll do the same. It knows how to break through the surface. Trust it as it works its way upward until its first leaves show themselves.  These leaf pages will fall away eventually like childhood beliefs. Others will grow stronger, better, fuller
I commit to living with more joy, more vulnerability, more courage to Be My Self, aware of the darkness and little deaths I see each day in the world, in my community, in myself.  Christ’s light rises within me. God’s light cannot hold itself back: Turn your back, Moses, while I pass by.  I know the intensity of my Light and Love. I don’t want to hurt you. Exodus 33:18-23. It would not shine so brightly if the darkness were not so prevalent. Don’t we all need another person to show us courage, love, boldness, beauty, compassion, forgiveness? We feel it. We see it – shine your light – and like a doctor’s tap on our knee, our heart moves outward reflexively. I will be that one person for someone. I will be that one today
                                                        and the next
                                                                                and the next.
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Writers are growing trees. Hug a writer today.



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