I was struck this morning in reading Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander by Merton’s use of the word correlatives referencing pilgrims (of the early American kind) and Indians. It reminded me of how I see correlatives everywhere with secular/spiritual interrelatedness.

Correlative: so related that each implies or complements the other.

Big, puffy, cumulus clouds graced this morning’s sky and as the sun rose, I was drawn to the water’s edge to see their pinkness and peachness that the sun blushed upon them. A few moments later, they were simply white clouds again as the sun rose higher in the sky. We are clouds, no? Glorious to behold when the grace of God shines upon us…

One cloud was not pink. It was hard to see, slightly behind our house, but bright in its reflected golden light from the sunrise. It never gained the pink hues of the other clouds in the distance. (Perhaps it did, viewed from a different perspective than mine!) It was simply bursting with radiant, golden light. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Very softly, like a parent sneaking into a sleeping baby’s room to check on it, a delicate rainbow appeared across the face of this bulbous cloud.

God can say Good Morning in so many exquisitely tender ways.