If you were a customer of mine from my Pampered Chef days, you’ve already heard about why you want to avoid buying bagged grated cheeses and instead, to grate your own cheese. BUT here’s where I let Jenifer, mother of six and friend of Jesus, tell it in her own words.

(Not Quite) Mom of the Year

Jenifer provides visual evidence in no uncertain terms from her blog with the winsome name, (Not Quite) Mom of the Year.  Not only does she do a side-by-side

comparison of same brand grated vs. whole block cheese, but you can actually see the stuff bagged cheeses are full of from her close up photo. Click here and take a look. See for yourself why she (and I) say you should NEVER use pre-shredded bagged cheeses. Well, she says NEVER. I say it’s best to avoid it.


  • Find out what extra ingredient is in packaged cheeses and decide if you want it in your body.
  • Check out the side-by-side photos
  • Learn how long it takes to grate a cup or two of cheese
  • Decide if it’s worth it to you and your family to change what package of cheese you buy next

How’s your knowledge of cheese?

  • soft cheeses (like cream cheese, boursin) should be discarded if moldy?
  • hard cheeses (like parmesan, cheddar) does NOT need to be discarded if mold appears on it? Just scrape or cut it off, then use it for your meal or snack