book Have you read a great book? Did you read any book reviews before buying it? You can bless the author by leaving a few words on Amazon in the ‘Review’ section.
Many readers do not realize the importance of reviews to the authors they read.

When you close the cover of a book with a smile, share your smile with a brief sentence of two.
When you find yourself thinking about characters or scenes from a book for days after finishing a book, the author deserves to hear from you. So do those of us who share similar interests and likes.

Start Small, like 35 words

I think most of us don’t have much confidence in choosing words good enough to post for a review.  You are good enough. Your thoughts are yours.  They can be a gift if you are willing to share.
One or two simple sentences about what you liked or didn’t like about the book truly helps both the author (Amazon promotes books with significant reviews) and readers considering their next read. The best reviews give the reader a reason to read the book. It gives them the confidence to spend their time on something you enjoyed, or, it saves them from wasting their time on something they can tell from your words that they may not enjoy.
In the end, like movie reviews, each book review is simply one person’s opinion. Share yours generously. Let the rest of us decide if we agree with you.

Write a book review. You’re an Expert

You’re one book ahead of the rest of us who haven’t read it. So squelch any misgivings you may have about writing a few sentences. Remind yourself you have completed something. You’ve finished reading one author’s work. What was it like for you?


Here’s a 35-word example:

5 Stars. “Chris shares from her heart. It’s personal, insightful, challenging and thought-provoking. You will be changed as you read it if you let God into your life the way Chris has. A wonderful spiritual boost.”

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