When discouragement strikes, we don’t always find our way out from under its darkness right away.  Here are ten quick lifts that work for me.

a hand peaks through a fence holding three flowers

Flowers help dispel discouragement

1. Recognize discouragement for what it is: a fiery dart from Satan. Use your shield of faith to protect yourself. As a child of God, you have authority over the powers of darkness. Stop to pray and bind the spirit of discouragement. Use Jesus’ words if none come to mind:  “‘Get behind me,  Satan.’ In
the name of Jesus Christ, be gone from here.”  He encouraged his apostles and us with these words:  “…take courage–I have conquered the world.” John 16:33

2. Write down specific scripture verses you can access whenever you need them to encourage you.  I keep some in my phone Notes and on my computer desktop. Need some help? Start here.

3. Form a prayer team, people who are willing to pray for you and your work. Let them know your prayer needs, but also tell them about your victories. Be an encourager to them as well.

4. Create a poster with a verse that especially speaks to you. One of my favorites: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Share your favorite in the comments below.

You worry too much. I've got this, God says.

God doesn’t want our discouragement. Satan does.

5. Email/call a friend for a word of encouragement or prayer. Go to your mobile phone contacts. Choose one who always has an uplifting effect on you. Click Edit and under “Organization” or in the Notes section, add the word *Encourager* (or any other word you’ll think of for help when you’re discouraged). That will allow you to type a search for Encourager in your phone at your low times when your brain doesn’t work too well (or evil forces distract you from thinking of who could help you). Pick up your phone and type your word (e.g. Encourage, Pick Me Up, etc.) quickly when you feel low and can’t think of who to call.

6. Listen to uplifting music and let your heart imagine you surrounded by God’s glory, with His arms open wide to you, beckoning you to come to Him.

7. Watch uplifting images of kindness and compassion like these.

8. Learn how to encourage yourself.

9. Nature soothes discouragement. A southern oak tree stretches its limbs over my pondStep away. Go for a walk, a bike ride, find a tree to hug or some flowers to hold. Let the beauty of nature with which God surrounds you, speak to your soul, and soothe it.

10. Read something inspiring. Norman Vincent Peale greatly encouraged me in the many stories of apparent failures in The Power of Positive Thinking. Or these books.

Inspired by: The Motivational Editor