Training Leader Notes

TO DO: Have your team call in to listen to the WOW training, or do
an extra meeting or phone training of your own for team to reinforce

All of these ideas are suggestions, so tweak and change as needed.

Determine what your team goal is for cluster sales (Team Goal
Worksheet Handout)


  • What will they do with their profit

  • Share team goal; show how much you will be doing, and balance remaining
    for team.

  • Explain how to run past host report and importance of tapping into higher
    show hosts (they know how to have a great show)

  • Let team know other benefits that will result from a big month: BIG
    commission check, Sell-A-Thon (if doing), jump on Excellence Awards, incentive trip points; more leads for recruiting and shows (June shows =
    extra July paycheck); recognition

  • Teach them where to find fundraisers:

    • Who to call (schools have tons of groups and organizations – find
      chairman/leader names)

    • Get packets into people’s hands – copies of order forms
      inside each catalog (2 per page if possible) – 6 order forms
      per packet

    • Ideas on how to do:

      • Catalogs are costly, so put a note on catalog that if they return it, they get an entry into a drawing for grand prize.

      • Team Challenge – Highest team/class gets pizza/ice cream party.

      • Work with chairman on this: If teams/classes, then have % of proceeds collected by each team broken down into that percentage of profit that that team gets.

      • If your goal is 10 fundraisers, then you may want to offer something extra for closing in May; i.e., Tell organization the normal % they get with our fundraiser, but that you are working on a special sales goal for May, so if you get it in by May 31,
        then your organization gets ____%


Send ideas in emails and phone calls
Choose 8 of your favorites.
You can send to all consultants or only those participating


Tell Team “my plan is to help you keep on track each week and
I’ll be giving you coupons and sending reminder emails which
help you to break things into bite-sized pieces.”

Coupons – you can send them ahead of time and they can bring to
your celebration meeting. You can cut and paste each coupon into a
weekly email and send them as reminders, and they can email them
back. If you do Monday Motivation, this could be added to that.


Followup every two weeks with a phone call.

Give additional bonus for individual/team sales. Here are some

  • Team Party

  • Target card/store of choice

  • Gift card for family – movie, bowling night, etc.

  • Pizza party for family

  • Restaurant gift card

  • Cooking class at Nugget

  • Wine and Cheese tasting party

  • Mimosa – Pool Party

  • Day of Shopping

  • Free Lunch

  • Business Supplies

  • Balloon Box sent to home

  • Special Breakfast

  • Massage

At sales meeting do Queen for the Day – she has dinger and
requests water, etc.

Special meeting recognize family members with medals around neck.

You can do a Celebration Event (Invitation Handout):

  • Set date for sometime in July

  • Gifts are presented that night

Do a drawing for every June host

Booking Blitz Day: Prize for highest # of bookings (names given to me)


They don’t care how much you know

until you show how much you care.